KAAB Sport Marketing is in the business of helping develop today’s young female athletes. With daughters in sports, we would always ask ourselves why no other business was around to help us with our daughters, develop, advising, planning, make healthy choices, marketing, schooling and more.

KAAB Sports Marketing serves as a trusted family advisor for elite young female players around North America. We’re selective about who we work with to ensure each of our players get the personal guidance and attention that’s critical to leveraging their career.

We guide and assist our amateur clients and their families in the process of determining whether they should pursue Canadian, U.S. College or Universities. We also serve as a resource for the individual development of each of our select clients by connecting them with the best personal trainers, nutritionists, skating instructors, medical doctors and other professionals so that they can continue to “Find an Edge” in their careers.

We screen our players. Before a player gets accepted into our program, we sit down with the athlete and both of her parents to see if she is a fit for our system.  By doing this, we get a higher quality of student athlete which gives our company an edge against others who will promote any athlete regardless of ability.