working with todays young females providing simple sports marketing

KAAB Sports Marketing

A full advising and consulting service provided by leading men & women in the hockey community, for rising female athletes. Throughout the landscape of ice hockey in North America, there are a plethora of advisors and consultants that focus their time on male hockey, in hopes to guide these athletes to a college and/or professional career someday. Our focus is on the young females who have just as much if not more promising talent, not only in their athletic ability but as members of the community as well. Many of these females have the same goals as the males, to play at the top level possible. Our focus is on the success of these young ladies. 

It is our goal to provide these young female athletes and leaders with on-ice and off-ice mentorship to see them succeed in any role, position, situation they may find themselves in. It’s 2023, and this decade and the previous one have been all about the rise of the female athlete. With the rise in the popularity of the Canadian Women’s Ice Hockey National Team, the push for a fair NWHL, and all of the great players and  surrounding community coming together, the future of this sport for women is so bright. We will be offering guidance to help these young dreamers dreams come true, and also to help parents along the way.