KAAB Sport Marketing is in the business of helping develop today’s young athletes. With a daughter in sports I would always ask myself why no other business was around to help me with her, develop, advising, planning, make healthy choices, marketing, schooling and more.

KAAB Sports Marketing serves as a trusted family advisor for elite young players around the world. We’re selective about who we work with to ensure each of our players get the personal guidance and attention that’s critical to leveraging their career.

We guide and assist our amateur clients and their families in the process of determining whether they should pursue Canadian Major Junior or attend a U.S. College. We also serve as a resource for the individual development of each of our select clients by connecting them with the best personal trainers, nutritionists, skating instructors, medical doctors and other professionals so that they can continue to “Find An Edge” in their careers.

Our reputation and record of success on behalf of our clients speaks for itself.

We work with players and their families to achieve the maximum benefits possible from their sports skills and their love of the game.

This can include:

  • top quality education at the prep school, college, and university levels
  • generous athletic and academic scholarships
  • positioning a player to enjoy an extended hockey career within a professional hockey league

The competition is intense out there. We help you focus on what you need right now so your player can get the best professional and personal development.

It’s important to us that our clients receive industry-best advisory services and support outside of hockey to ensure their lives, health and finances are properly managed. Our clients trust us and our expertise to assist them with finding and retaining equally trustworthy and competent professionals to advise them in the following areas:

“You Learn More From Failure Than From Success. Don’t Let It Stop You. Failure Builds Character.” – Unknown

  • We screen our players. Before a player gets accepted into our program, we sit down with the athlete and both of her parents to see if she/he is a fit for our system.  By doing this, we get a higher quality of student athlete which gives our company an edge against others who will promote any athlete regardless of ability.
  • We understand the internal timing of recruiting schedules. Many families do not understand the timing element to their daughter’s & son’s recruiting schedule.  There are two timelines in the process. There is the athlete timeline which can change because she may be getting bigger and better in a short period of time.  And then there is the school timeline. There is a certain period in which a program is looking for players.  We match these up to give the athlete the most traffic with the most amount of schools.
  • KAAB SPORTS MARKETING has an in-network and expansive book of personal contacts in addition to our college coach database. Our state-of-the-art technology with a complete, searchable database allows our players to contact schools easier than ever before.  In addition to the database, our advisors are armed with their own book of personal contacts to help supplement the number of schools a player receives communication from.
  • The athlete will receive personal one-on-one mentoring. The advisor that initially meets and screens the athlete is the person that the family will be working with throughout the process. The entire family will have unlimited access to consulting with their advisor.
  • We have the knowledge of current landscape of camps/tourneys/showcases to help families save money. The advisor will have a feel for the geographic region which will allow them to give the proper advice in regards to camps/showcases/tourneys/travel team etc. The advisor will be up to speed on all of these so they can help save the family thousands of dollars on unnecessary items that do not advance the athlete and her playing career.
  • KAAB SPORTS MARKETING can match up values of the athlete/family with the athlete’s real market for the best possible fit. Not every family has the same value system. For some families, cost is the most important factor when choosing a school. For others, proximity may be the driving factor in their decision.  Either way, the advisor is able to match up the needs of a particular family with the marketplace for their daughter or son.
  • We give an accurate evaluation of the player relative to her geographic region. Geography matters. Many do not realize that where they live does have an impact on their recruiting strategy. The advisor will know the inside information of schools in that specific area which will allow the family to make a more informed decision.
  • KAAB SPORTS MARKETING works with the player until they step on a college campus. Our job is not done until the player steps on a college campus. There are a lot of things that can happen from the verbal agreement until the official document is signed.   There are also a lot of things that can happen between signing the letter of intent until the player steps on campus. We work all the way through until the player begins college.